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Message from the President

Message from the President

Brooks M. Williams

Welcome to the Spring-Klein Area! I am honored to serve as your President & Chief Executive Officer for the Spring-Klein Chamber of Commerce. It is a privilege. I pledge to each of you that I will bring the best of my abilities to this position at this critical time.

I am of the belief that the Chamber President has three key duties:

  • First, lead the Chamber Partners and Staff in the engagement of our Chamber mission and governance.
  • Second, provide guidance, support and encouragement to our professional staff to better serve you – our partners.
  • Third, continue to actively seek dialogue with you on the ideals, accomplishments and strategic direction of our Chamber.

Our Chamber brings the most fundamental value to our Spring-Klein business community.  Now, we are seeking for our Chamber to become the premier, leading valued channel: to help build your business and to help build our community.

How does being our Chamber member help you build your business?

  • Access to a network of enterprises.  A strong and growing number of partners attend Chamber events annually.
  • Chamber business referrals.  Our Chamber fields and make business referrals daily – to Chamber partners.
  • Chamber website: thousands of “visitors” & “views” with visitors clicking to Chamber partner information.
  • In the next year, we will begin to offer to individuals an opportunity to gain specific business and workforce skills through Chamber business workshops and forums. Spring-Klein will launch, “Leadership Spring-Klein”, as our signature educational and networking program, to be the premier local professional business development program – with graduates serving in various business and civic roles in our community.

How does your Chamber help build your community?

  • Through our mission: “dedicated to representing private enterprise, promoting business and enhancing the quality of life in our Greater Spring-Klein communities;” Successful enterprise requires a thriving community and good nourishing, rising quality of life for all – and vice versa.  They come hand-in-hand.
  • We advocate for economic vitality & growth and job creation.  The best economic development & social program is a job with career opportunities. We will be introducing a Spring-Klein Works Initiative, in partnership with local Community Colleges, and will be working to take citizens from dependency to self-sufficiency;
  • By collaborating with our vibrant allied nonprofit organizations to achieve common community objectives; and,
  • By advocating for community initiatives that enhance quality of life for all.

Our community is a welcoming, loving community, alive with commerce. Our Chamber brings a legacy of building a better, more embracing, uplifting community with a thriving economy with opportunity for all our neighbors today and for future generations.  It is our work. We are absolutely committed to our work.
Now more than ever, we need to strengthen our foundations, such as our Chamber, to help create a more positive business environment for us. Together, with your continued commitment to our Chamber, we can build a better today and tomorrow here in our Spring-Klein community. I look forward to working with you!

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