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SKCC Top 10 Reasons to Join Today


SKCC Top 10 Reasons to Join Today

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Spring-Klein Chamber Of Commerce Chamber

1. Community Investment with SKCC: Just as the Chamber is important to our community, YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO THE CHAMBER. Your investment in the Chamber means an investment in our community of Spring-Klein.


2. Return on Investment with SKCC: Ask members whether they received a good return on their initial investment and you’ll hear an overwhelming positive response from the Spring area. The rewards realized on the nominal cost of membership might surprise you. Members report drastically reduced (and, often free) business services and significant savings through Chamber discounts on a wide variety of services.


3. Involvement with SKCC: Life’s way too short to stand on the sidelines and hope you get business in Spring,TX. Here is your chance to get involved! Involvement increases business contacts, creates an atmosphere for business development and growth provides opportunities to make decisions that will influence community concerns. Bring your experience and knowledge to help strengthen the Chamber’s membership while developing valuable business contacts.


4. Government Affairs with SKCC: Committees and staff follow local, state and federal legislation which has an effect on business and our community of Spring-Klein. Meetings are held with state legislators and our congressmen on a regular basis and at town hall meetings.


5.Promoting Your Business with SKCC: Chamber members are given the opportunity to market their business through a variety of sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Get with the SKCC Operational Manger to lean more.


6.Networking Opportunities with SKCC: Get to know the Chamber members and community leaders – build business relationships, learn something new and maybe even have a little fun at Chamber networking events. With a multitude of different events being held on a monthly and annual basis, you’re sure to find something that would be a good fit for you and prove to be more than beneficial for your company!


7. Knowledge with SKCC: Perhaps the most compelling reason to join the Chamber is the benefit of tapping into the knowledge of your fellow members and the Chamber staff. Together, they serve as an extension of your own staff. With Chamber membership, you gain greater access to corporate CEO’s, community leaders and government officials. You feel the pulse of the business community in Spring-Klein area.


8. Small Business Support with SKCC: More than 40% of the Chamber’s membership is comprised of small businesses. The Chamber works to take care of small businesses through seminars, workshops and much more!


9. Business Referrals with SKCC: As a Chamber, we are loyal to our members – referring only our members and doing business with members 1st. We act as a referral system for our members, always loyally referring our members in the business category requested.


10. Professional Development with SKCC: There are many opportunities at the Chamber for you to grow professionally through affordable professional development programs.


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