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By Myeshi Briley,MS,HS-BCP

The latest keep calm slogan I saw was — “Keep Calm and Focus on Artificial Intelligence.” I definitely think all entrepreneurs and small business leaders need to focus on what AI is and what it can do for their enterprise.
It’s 2016 and we need to accept and understand Artificial Intelligence whether we like it are not. But actually, there is a lot to like about AI. For one thing it is a super-hot investment now and in the future. Big and small businesses are implementing AI technology in their operations. In fact, today, every company is a data company, able to use in-the-cloud machine learning to deploy intelligent apps at scale. And with more integration, data sets and machine learning capabilities, the technology will progress even more.
To start, we need to know some basic terms. First, artificial intelligence means anything that causes computers to act intelligently. The three categories of AI development are:

  • ANI: Artificial Narrow Intelligence focuses on a sole area, AI that does one thing.
  • AGI: Artificial General Intelligence meets and then exceeds human intelligence. It’s capable of reasoning, problem solving, abstract thought, learning quickly, and learning from experience.
  • ASI: Artificial Super Intelligence is smarter than humans. This is the level featured in a lot of science-fiction dystopian novels. And many scientists have warned us about it, though not everyone believes it’s strictly gloom and doom.it also may create a world beyond the need of money to define the quality of life, where all diseases have been cured, and human beings devote their lives to learning, self improvement, and doing what they really want to do.

We will most likely reach the super intelligence stage in this century by 2075 and possibly much sooner. So depending on how old you or how young each person reading my article is, either you, your children, or your grandchildren will live with and work with AI that’s superior to humans. For example, for me, I know my son will see that day. That’s not science fiction, that’s a solid fact.
However, we’re not there now. What’s happening now and in the next five years is exciting enough, so for this article I’m just concentrating on that. Still, keep in mind every new ANI innovation moves us one-step closer to AGI and ASI.
For now, we have conquered the lowest caliber of AI — ANI . That is where we are at but that’s pretty exciting. Which is why you need to get familiar with other terms as well, one is machine learning. It’s one of the biggest buzzwords right now. The definition of machine learning is machines that learn from data, perform tasks and make predictions with a high statistical accuracy. Machine learning’s weakness is that machines learn but don’t explain the details of what they discover from the data. Machine intelligence is the term for clarifying and understanding data and why it’s so. Another key term we need to be familiar with is big data, that’s massive amounts of daily data intake. With increases in volume, additional sources, and transmitting at super-fast speeds, the load will become too much for IT technicians to handle. We’ll depend more and more on smart data, except certain behavioral patterns and vital insights have to be drawn from massive amounts of big data. AI can’t be programed to look for specific patterns so to handle big data efficiently, AI has to learn to put the information in context as it works. It’s machine intelligence, not big data, that delivers the valuable answers businesses need. Also, we need to be familiar with the term deep learning, which means AI can rank and structure information from tangible to abstract. Also AI can use sensors and other devices, tap into data that’s not online and check out things that are happening on location that we might not be aware of.
Due to machine learning trends like the algorithm economy and cloud-hosted intelligence, companies will analyze complex data rapidly without the expense of machine learning systems. Cloud-based CRM systems allow all apps to tap into algorithmic intelligence at scale. In the algorithm economy, research is transformed into functional, accessible running code. So instead of data input tools, these CRM systems act as digital assistants, giving companies insights about their business. Well-engineered clouds actually provide more security than most Internet connected businesses. New styles of cloud computing have ultra-small data centers that are able to operate as internal clouds. You can even get small form-factor data centers in containers that you can place anywhere.
Over five billion dollars has been invested into over a thousand AI start-up companies. For your AI startup to out-compete the big guys long term you must create something radically new, like an innovative data set for machine learning, one that no one else has and is hard to replicate or a totally new tactic for solving technical issues using AI.
If you’re not using machine learning at your company yet, you will be soon. Now that entrepreneurs have access to affordable AI, they’ll be a huge increase in the number of startups using AI. Artificial intelligence will also benefit small businesses owners by handling repetitive and simple tasks so the owners can focus on creativity and problem solving. Entrepreneurs and small business owners will find that with AI software and services they’ll identify opportunities more efficiently, reply faster to customers, and lower their overhead costs. Once companies replace most of their work force with automation, the positions left for humans will require creativity, social intelligence, and skills of advanced perception and persuasion. And it’s small businesses that will fill a lot of those needs.
Entrepreneurs are only beginning to reap the benefits of AI. In this age of AI, small business owners have access to levels of insight they’ve never had before, so seize this opportunity and become your own AI powerhouse.


May 5, 2017 |

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