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April, May & June 2018 Top Ten Overachieving in Business Under 30 years old

April, May & June 2018 Top Ten Overachieving in Business Under 30 years old

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By: Myeshi Briley, MS, HS-BCP, BREC

Millennials are shaping the world around us. Causes and values are more important to them than money. Some of the most influential people of our day are millennials, and that trend is only going to continue. Here are ten of the many Millennials who are outperforming in Business:

1. Saheb Sabharwal, Vice President of CSL Capital Management – Age 29

According to Forbes, in his first year at CSL Capital Management, an energy private equity firm, and founding two startups and from other allocations and returns, this 29-year-old executed $20 million in investments. He strives to improve oil field and pipeline safety by working on asset integrity management services. CSL Capital is now headquartered in Houston Texas and ranks 13th on the Houston Business Journal’s list of the Largest Houston-Area Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms, with close to $808 million in assets under management.

2. Grant Pinkerton, Pitmaster & Owner, Pinkerton’s Barbecue – Age 28

This Houstonian opened his barbecue place in the Heights in 2016. Just 9 months after launch, his revenue reached $2 million. Pinkerton’s was voted the best place to get barbecue in the area by the Houston Business Journal’s readers and in May it was listed among Texas Monthly’s Top 50 barbecue joints.

3. Brittany Barreto, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Pheramor Inc. – Age 26

Pheramor has been in the national news a lot lately. Utilizing cutting-edge genetics and technology, Pheramor delivers unique, customized results to people actively dating and looking for a partner they are attracted to and can connect with. Brittany Barreto earned a doctorate in Molecular and Human Genetics, has extensive experience in research, teaching, leadership, fundraising, and she’s been involved in the Houston startup community for three years.

4. Sascha Guttfreund, President of Scoremore Shows – Age 28

Sascha Guttfrued and his partner Claire Bogle founded ScoreMore Shows during their sophomore year at the University of Texas so the “for the students and by the students” mantra is ingrained in the company’s roots. ScoreMore Shows is an event and music promotion business that orchestrates hip-hop concerts and more for college students. ScoreMore Shows has made a name for itself by being a tastemaker, booking acts early in their careers in small clubs that have gone on to headline in arenas and amphitheaters. ScoreMore Shows routes tours through nine markets in the Southwest United States, producing more than 150 club shows per year including JMBLYA, The
ILLMORE and its partnership in Neon Desert Music Festival.

5. Cassandra Tognoni, Bookreport Creator and CEO – Age 28

Cassandra Tognoni helped start the charter school Magnolia Montessori in Austin Texas. The only financial software available was decades old. She and other school principals desperately needed real-time financial data so they could allocate resources based on student and teacher needs. She realized if she wanted it, she’d have to create it– and BookReport was born—software that helps school districts effortlessly visualize and allocate their financial resources.

6. Adelle Archer, Co-Founder of Eterneva – Age 27

Her startup takes the cremated ashes of dearly departed loved ones and creates diamonds from them per the customer’s chosen weight, color, and cut, and mounts it onto a piece of jewelry, like a ring or necklace.

Eterneva assigns one contact person to each client to see the process through from start to finish. When the time comes to deliver the finished product, the startup hires a courier service to hand deliver it. If the customer is in Texas, the company will send an employee to bring it to the customer’s door.

In fall 2017, a few months after launching the startup, Archer and her business partners quit their jobs and started working at Eterneva full time. The company earned $280,000 in sales last year, and Archer projects $2 million for 2018. Archer says, “I genuinely know I’m changing a person’s relationship with loss, and that means the world to me.”

7. Derrius Quarles, Ras Asan, and Brian Williams, Breaux Capital Co-Founders Ages – 27, 27, and 25

Offers an automated savings platform and social network for African American Millennials, charging users a subscription fee for extra features, including financial
education materials. They have a three-step plan of.

Begin Automating Savings — Select an account and choose how fast you want your stash to grow each month. By automating your asset building you will be better prepared to mold your future.

Engage With Community — Their platform serves you and your squad. After all, a key component to financial wellness is the financial health of your friends and family.

Increase Financial Health — As you grow your assets through their platform your ability to meet emergencies head on and take advantage of investment opportunities will definitely increase.

8. Omar Abudayyeh and Jonathan Gootenberg, M.D.-Ph.D., Ph.D. Candidates, Broad Institute, Harvard-MIT – Ages 29 And 26

Omar Abudayyeh and Jonathan Gootenberg pioneered two advances in CRISPR, the gene-editing tool,—a new enzyme for editing genes and a new technique for editing the chemical messenger, RNA.

9. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Co-Founder of Andela, and Currently The Managing Director and Founder Of Flutterwave – Age 26

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji co-founded two successful startups in Africa before launching Flutterwave in 2017. Flutterwave is a payments API that makes it easier for banks and businesses to process payments across Africa. With $15.7 million in funding, the company is empowering Pan-African merchants to execute business on a global scale,
processing $1.2 billion in transactions so far. Aboyeji’s previous startup Andela, gained attention when the venture received $24 million in funding from Mark Zuckerberg.

10. Sarah Ahmed, Founder, Warp + Weft – age 28

As creative director of DL 1961, Ahmed realized the denim industry was missing the mark on size inclusivity. Her wakeup call led her to start Warp + Weft, a premium denim brand that weaves its own fabric to guarantee the best value and fit — no matter your size. Less than one-year post-launch, Ahmed has already raked in revenues of
more than $2.5 million.

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