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By; Myeshi Briley, MS,HS-BCP

It’s life changing to discover the You Economy is where the world is going. And building the wealth in your world is based on more than a 401K plan at a job where you worked to help others realize their dreams instead of following yours. That’s the old way of doing things. In the age of people power, you are the key player in your financial growth. Rather than treated like a product to be traded or cast aside, in the you centered economy you are the chief source, the very center, of your income.


The business world has shifted away from the conventional career hierarchies. Individuals are taking their income into their own hands. In the You Economy you can even take advantage off your spare things. If you have a car you don’t use half of the time, share it, or if you have an empty guest room, rent it out, or use your spare time for some type of freelance work. In the You Economy you have quick, easy access to lots of money making opportunities.


The internet and digital technology has leveled the playing field by offering a wealth of data and information that is accessible anytime and anyplace,  giving the small guys the same chance as the big guys. Taking financial control away from a choice few and enabling individuals to publish, interconnect, and do business with ease.  And this new business mode is here to stay.


Become self-reliant. Find your place in the world…and discover the role you play in it. Don’t limit your dreams and identity. Find your niche and expand on it.

Architect, structure, finance and define yourself to discover your identity.


Running a freelance or entrepreneurial business allows you to earn what you are truly worth. Although you must keep in mind that you are your own brand. You need to invest in your brand, in yourself. Believe in yourself. Think positive. Be self-motivated and self-disciplined, and you have to like or adjust well to working alone. Though in the You Economy…you aren’t really alone.


Individual expertise isn’t enough today, it should fuse with mass collaboration. Virtual collaboration decreases costs and time but increases creativity and innovation. The online populace is watching and remains ready to back you up when needed. Use apps, websites or virtual assistance to help you with issues about time or money. Also, you have to be willing to learn new things. Your own mind is your greatest tool and asset. The human mind is far more superior to a computer. After all, the human mind invented the computer. Knowledge and collaboration are the keys to the new economy. The more you cultivate your craft, the more valuable it becomes. If you aren’t learning more, therefore becoming more valuable to your clients and potential clients each day and keeping up with all the constant changes nowadays, then you’ll be left behind.


Businesses serve people, people don’t serve businesses. Remember the you in You Economy isn’t just yourself. The You Economy involves purpose and meaning in work. It’s about doing better and being better. And competition is seen as an opportunity for collaboration. Also, in the You Economy clients or customers are active rather than passive, you need to interact with them and listen to and appreciate their input. In addition, the leaders of today share intel and knowledge. It goes back to the old saying, there is no i in team. A good leader brings out positive results not only in themselves but in their community. Leaders realize businesses serve the greater good. All businesses are social entrepreneurships, producing a legacy of service, creativity, innovation, and sustainability.


By touching a screen, on a phone, pad, or computer we can reach customers around the globe to sell products and services faster and easier than ever before. With future technological advances we’ll work side by side with robots, AI software and other machines. The high-tech with the most impact is AI (artificial intelligence). AI is advancing rapidly due to new, cheap, abundant storage for massive amounts of data used to train neural networks and to input intel for analysis. Artificial intelligence will make life easier and also change the job market even more to open up new opportunities. Yes, it will replace some jobs, but it’ll create others. A range of technologies delivering new opportunities are: Biochips, Neurobusiness, Smart Dust, Smart Robots, Smart Advisors, Machine Learning, Digital Dexterity, Quantum Computing, Autonomous Vehicles, Human Augmentation, Bioacoustic Sensing, Brain-Computer Interface, People-Literate Technology, Virtual Personal Assistants, Volumetric and Holographic Displays and last but not least, Virtual Reality. By 2020, cyberspace will be a full blown 3D interface and we will be engaged in the virtual world and almost all business will be conducted on line.


The You Economy is open to everyone, age, race, gender or culture won’t hold you back. For instance, women had to deal with glass ceilings in the old economy, but now we are driving change. No matter where you come from, what your education or experience, how much money or time you have, you can join the You Economy. And no matter what skills or expertise you may need, you can learn them. The You Economy isn’t just about work, it’s about learning, growing, and creating the life you truly want.
Join the You Economy and forge your own path. Be a dream chaser. Embrace the future and what you can become. Make your move now; in this era of rapid change there is not a minute to waste.

April 17, 2017 |

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