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By; Myeshi Briley,MS,HS-BCP

So, What does it take to create a business empire? Most millionaires and billionaires didn’t inherit wealth. They labored over the course of a lifetime to build a remarkable and enduring business empire. Here are eleven vital steps to take to create and grow a company like they did.

Offer Something Better

Uniqueness creates demand. Differentiate yourself. Be receptive to new ideas. Read and research within your field to create new techniques. Formulate strategies for providing the top product or service on the market. The most valuable goods and services are those that solve the biggest problems. Find out what people need that would make their jobs and lives easier. Then try to supply that through your own services or products. It must be an item or service you believe in. A service or product you get joy and satisfaction from creating and working on. Something that outshines what your competitors offer. Creativity, innovation, and passion will set your products and services above all comparable ones in the market. Develop a reputation founded on the superiority of your brand.

Cultivate your Staff

Your greatest assets are your employees. Develop a corporate culture that attracts the best employees. Hire a team with expertise, who take pride in their work, and whose goals and visions are consistent with yours. Learn how to interview, train and keep employees who build relationships, a staff that is dedicated, thoughtful and courteous. You might be surprised how far good old-fashioned common courtesy goes in building relationships.

Good Accountants & Lawyers

Hire a worthy attorney and accountant, they are indispensable to any prosperous business. An accountant assists with setting up your chart of accounts reviews your numbers periodically and prepares all your federal, state and local tax returns. A good business attorney provides crucial support in practically every area of business including basic zoning compliance, copyright and trademark advice, formal business incorporation, lawsuits, liability, and much more. Their insight and knowledge will steer you on the right path.

Have A Plan

Believe in your capability to succeed. Know what you want and visualize doing it. Your vision and your goals are your blueprints to the future. Go one step further and map out a long-range plan on how to achieve these goals and stay on track. Take action. Don’t sit around waiting for opportunities to come knocking. Shape your fantasies into a tangible form by working hard and doing more than most people would.

Be Persistent

Be brave. Trust yourself to do something that other people don’t expect you to. Take calculated risks. Think outside the box. Keep driving and innovating, despite hurdles. Use hurdles to fuel you forward. Don’t over-analyze situations or spend too much time worrying about the consequences. Use mistakes like a tool to improve your chances of success. Prevent mistakes from being made twice. Keep what’s working, and let go of anything that isn’t working.

Develop Your Company’s Identity

No matter how impressive your product or service is and how much you believe in it, none of that matters if you don’t present yourself and your company to the world in the same way. Prepare responses about your company for correspondence, meetings, and elevator speeches. Find the right way to introduce your products’ usefulness to the masses through a memorable, professional logo, quality feedback, and updated techniques to market the company’s name and products and keep it in front of the public.

Be A Leader

Building a business isn’t about personal gain. It’s about your positive impact on others and on the world. And that takes relationship building. Relationship capital is more empowering than wealth. The critical element to this is not about who you know, but who knows you. Plus, you bring authenticity and humanity to your business by building relationships and making lasting connections.

Build strategic long-term relationships with vendors, manufacturers, organizations, local groups, like-minded stakeholders, government, law enforcement, regulation staff…and most of all with customers.

Also, networking enables you to make connections and develop relationships with associates who can open doors and generate growth opportunities. Keep in mind that networking is not about what you can get from other people, but what you can give to others. The more beneficial you are to other people, the more valuable you become. Also, remain consistent with your commitments, showing up and solving problems will brand you as someone to invest in.

Select those you partnership with based on authenticity. The biggest features of a strong partnership are that other person takes the lead on their share of responsibilities and that their values and goals are compatible with yours. Listen to your intuition when deciding whom to work with, and decisions about building your business will be easier to make. Collaborate with the type of people who bring added meaning and determination to your work.

Moreover, to be successful you must appreciate the monetary impact of building strong customer relationships with your target market.

Research The Competition

Furthermore, know your competition. Push and get pushed by them. It will drive you to build a better product and keep you on top of your game.

Offer Variety

Vary your product and service range. Create goods or services at various price points. If you only provide a high-level offering, you miss out on providing a low-level offering and vice versa.

Do For Others

No matter what point you’re at in your business, always be socially conscious. Stay grounded and give back to the world. Not only will your company grow financially, but it will create opportunities to expand your network and establish why you are here and what you are trying to achieve. In addition, this will open you up to business ventures you may not have conceived otherwise.

Stay Frugal and Straight

Be pennywise. Observe expenditures and investing habits. Live below your means, so your expenses never outstrip your salary.

Bring a high level of ethics to the table. Play by the rules. Faithfully follow business timelines and events. Incorporate compliance measures to develop checks and balances to maintain legitimacy.

While it may take years to build up an empire, these eleven steps will steer you in the right direction toward success.

November 8, 2017 |

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